Sales and Marketing

Hugh Gary

     Founded by entrepreneur Ferman F. Perez, Syndicate Mentality Entertainment LLC is a locally owned and operated corporation with goals that are community oriented and incorporate all socio-economic and age groups found in Atwater and its surrounding communities. Mr. Perez has a strong background in business, as his family owned and operated the infamous "Tequila Cafe" for over 56 years and he has developed close ties to our community's youth through coaching both football and wrestling at the local high schools. Mr. Perez, and a few close friends he has intrusted with his vision, desire to restore Atwater to the pre-economic status it enjoyed prior to Castle air Force Base's closing in 1995. He envisions communities in which people once again gather to watch their children play sports, support the homeless and feel a sense of pride and belonging. Mr. Perez is a USMC veteran and knows first hand the devastation and displacement the base closing had on the lives of many veterans. In honor of their willing sacrifice for our freedom, Mr. Perez would like to build a 500 room housing unit for our local veterans. It is the company's goal to meet the basic needs of our veterans who so proudly served our country and your support of any event held by S.M. Entertianment will directly support this goal. Facilitating sports in a new arena will entice more of our youth off of the streets and into athletics. Coaches are lined up and waiting for your children to sign up! Last, but not least, S.M. Entertainment will generate revenue for our community! This corporation actually desires to give back! Ferman praises God for this oppertunity and thanks his many supporters. He looks forward to meeting and working with all of you in the near future at one event or another!!


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John Sykes III